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It is a five-bedroom home in Northwood, but prices have done very well over the past decade even despite the recent dip.I'm sure now it's worth twice what we paid and due to the divorce we're thinking of selling it.He came to national prominence when, at the age of 18, he won the man-of-the match award in the 1988 Nat West Trophy Final after his innings of 56 helped Middlesex beat Worcestershire.Ramprakash at a young age had to choose between playing football for Watford FC and continuing his playing career in cricket.Former England cricketer Mark Ramprakash was granted a 'quickie' divorce from wife Valdana yesterday.Despite his six year affair with a Welsh single mother during their marriage, the couple were given a divorce on the ground of Vandana's 'unreasonable behaviour'.That's a hard one to answer because I'm generally a very cautious buyer so it's unusual for me to buy something I don't want – I'll even go from shop to shop to make sure a particular purchase is right.Soon after we moved into our house I bought a lawnmower for about £200 and that wasn't a particularly good decision because I only used it about five times.

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Prosecutor Harry Snook told the court: “At the time, the defendant was alcohol dependant and had been drinking that day.

The ex-wife of Strictly Come Dancing winner Mark Ramprakash slashed her brother’s arm with a broken glass following an all-day drinking session, a court has heard.

Drunk Vandana Bhatt, 44, who split from the former England cricketer in 2010, was found by her brother, Nitin, lying semi-conscious on the sofa at her home surrounded by empty booze bottles and demanding 'more wine.'St Albans’ Magistrates’ Court heard how her brother Nitin Bhatt went to her home in Colnhurst Avenue, Watford, on July 12 to check on his sister after she had called him to beg for his help.

As he attempted to help her, she bit down on a thin tumbler glass and slashed his arm with the broken shards, magistrates were told.

The court heard how Ms Bhatt was left with cuts to her mouth and nose, while her brother was left with a “nasty injury” that caused “significant blood loss”.

District Judge Martin Berry granted a decree nisi at First Avenue House in central London on Tuesday, with the couple agreeing to share custody of their two daughters.

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