Misha barton dating visual basic 2016 validating event


Though it was concerned friends and neighbors who sought emergency intervention, the actress agreed to go to the hospital voluntarily.She was released on Friday, and has now issued a statement asserting she was drugged while celebrating her birthday the night before the hospitalization.Discussing the ordeal in 2013, she admitted to having a “full-on breakdown.” As Gossip Cop also reported, around the time the news of the actress’ new hospitalization broke, a tweet was sent on her Twitter account thanking fans for birthday wishes, but it was deleted shortly after.

“I voluntarily went to get professional help, and I was informed by their staff that I had been given GHB.” Barton says that after an overnight stay at the hospital, she’s now home and doing well.

Low doses of GHB produce nausea, while high doses can lead to a loss of bladder or bowel control, breaking out into a sweat or suddenly feeling cold, feeling dizzy or disoriented, blurry vision, and waking up with no memory or missing large portions of memories, RAINN reports.

If someone was assaulted after being drugged with GHB, they may have no memory of it.

And the legal filing shows that the two men are at loggerheads, blaming each other for trying to shop the x-rated material.

According to the paperwork, filed by Barton's lawyer Lisa Bloom at Los Angeles Superior Court Monday, the requests for extended domestic violence restraining orders against Jon Zacharias and Adam Spaw, previously known as Adam Shaw, were submitted to the court.

I do not agree the Petitioner should be allowed to record our conversations since I have been wrongfully accused and I should enjoy the same rights as any other citizen,” he added.

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